Report #002

  • Home Value: 450,000
  • Damage Amount: N/A
  • Damage Percent:
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 1: Summary

The following pages contain captioned pictures of areas of concern that need to be addressed for the construction of the home. The pictures point out the areas and give verbiage to the details that need to be addressed.

To sum this up:

  • Entry door needs head flashing Z metal and appropriate support at threshold.
  • Entry stoop needs to be flashed to ensure any moisture does not migrate into the wood frame materials at the house and columns.
  • Decretive roofs need flashing that is integrated into the WRB (weather resistant barrier) both a membrane and metal flashing.
  • I recommend a SAF (self adhering flashing) of at least 6” in width be installed at the frame/foundation juncture lapping the WRB over this SAF and extending below the top of the foundation by 1”.
  • Kick-out flashings be installed where needed; I recommend a kick-out by
  • DryFlekt.
  • Ice Mat be installed at all roof to wall junctures; at leas 18” wide, 9”on roof plane and 9” up wall plane with metal steps and WRB covering this assembly in a
  • shingled form.
  • Review roof flashing where rake overhang intersects adjacent roof plane.
  • Install and flash rim board at Sliding door applying an ice mat membrane behind
  • the rim under the WRB and properly integrating the metal flashing into the WRB.
  • Review all window tape to make sure it is adhering properly. ASTM E 2112-7 recommends a bead of sealant as bedding for the tape edge at the window frame.
  • This can be installed before siding is applied.
  • Review all Tyvek to ensure it is lapped correctly and intact.
  • Garage egress door need head flashing.
  • Meter panel needs flashed into the cladding system.
  • Install a complete drainage mat over WRB before applying underlayment for Carrara coating.