Report #002

  • Home Value: 450,000
  • Damage Amount: N/A
  • Damage Percent:
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 4: Other Issues


Deck ledger needs to installed, properly flashed and integrated into the WRB before any siding is installed. I recommend an Ice Mat be installed on the wall plane first before the attachment of the ledger board.

There are a few areas where the Window tape is not adhering. This needs to be addressed before application of the drain mat and siding.

The WRB detail needs to be completed. The corner needs to have a 6” wide tape installed to seal the WRB into a continuous protective plane.


The electrical meter panel needs to be properly flashed and integrated into the WRB to ensure no possibility of moisture intrusion into the interstitial wall cavity.


This entrance door into the garage requires a metal Z flashing integrated properly into the WRB at its head (top).


This wall interface with the roof plane is best protected with a layer of Ice Mat that is applied to the roof plane and up the wall plane with the WRB overlapping.