Why I am NOT a Home Inspector

Typically, the term “home inspection” connotes a look at the entire home (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.) in a generalized format while holding to a predefined script or checklist. There is much value in this format, and a good, seasoned home inspector is appropriate when buying a home.  However, a general over-all inspection does not assess the building envelope in depth.

Mark’s services are related specifically to the building envelope, which protects the rest of the structure. Moisture intrusion into the building envelope can cost you thousands of dollars. Microbial action resulting from moisture intrusion can cost you your health. A quality, professional building analysis is critical before buying a new home, for litigation, in negotiations with insurance companies and builders, and for general safety in any home to save incalculable funds and hassles in the future. Mark’s diligence, thoroughness, and attention to detail will bring the result you need: an accurate picture of what is going on with your home’s exterior.

“After hiring Mark, I would recommend Mr. Parlee to anyone needing an expert concerning construction projects, including homebuilding, remodeling, and exterior renovation.”

“Not only is the current problem fixed, but all the small details Mark pointed out will help us avoid additional issues in the future. Mark has proven once again that we indeed chose only the best for our home.”
-Joe and Lisa