Kevin & Rhonda Ward

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mark Parlee, and his company Parlee Builders.  This spring and summer, with the torrential rain we all experienced in Iowa, my wife and I noticed a small water spot on the inside garage ceiling.  Upon investigation, we became aware there was a small leak located at the juncture of the home, garage, and chimney chase.  The obvious question of what to do about this was answered—we knew we needed to fix it.  The more important question was still unanswered—whom do we call?

We asked around and heard mixed review on a number of builders and home improvement companies.  Having limited experience with this, we decided to contact a number of them so we could gauge how they would solve the problem.  As we went through this process, we invited Mark Parlee and two others to our home to give us their input in person.  The first two were on time, and basically said the same thing.  Mark came, and immediately impressed us with his detailed knowledge of our problem.

Within one week, we had three proposals.  Each was different, in terms of cost, timing, and so forth, and we were still uncertain about how to proceed.  Two of the proposals were fairly minimalist in their approach to the problem, but their costs were different.  Mark’s proposal was much more comprehensive, but it was also more expensive than the other two.  During the follow on discussions, Mark shared pictures he had taken during the initial visit, and then superimposed his solution over the real pictures to help us better understand what he was proposing.  In the end we decided to go with Mark’s more comprehensive solution.

The results were nothing less than superb.  Mark and his team paid great attention to detail, and were always in contact with us regarding the status of the project.  Even when his crew found that additional repairs were needed, Mark took nothing for grated and explained in detail what had to be done in addition to the original estimate.  Mark was continuously available to us when we had questions, and even took time at 9:30 PM one evening to come over and address a concern we had.

What a joy it was to have someone who could explain everything openly and clearly, and look out of the customer’s best interest.  I would highly recommend Parlee Builders for any construction project you are considering.