Eric Borseth

To Whom It May Concern:

I am licensed to practice law in the state of Iowa.  I have had cause to use expert witnesses in many of my cases.  During a case involving application and/or manufacturing defects in siding, I hired Mark Parlee to evaluate the product and installation and to provide recommendations for appropriate action in the legal matter pending at that time.

I found Mr. Parlee to be knowledgeable in the subject matter and motivated to complete the assigned task. Mr. Parlee was quick to meet with my clients.  He presented himself professionally and in a highly competent matter evaluated the circumstances and provided a recommendation to resolve the issues.  My clients were pleased with the service and followed Mr. Parlee’s advice.  Mr. Parlee’s assistance helped resolve the case to the satisfaction of my clients.

I would recommend Mr. Parlee to anyone needing an expert concerning construction projects, including homebuilding, remodeling, and exterior renovation.