Saving the Roof for Livingston

It all started when a bit of moisture came in at the skylights; opened up the roof and it seemed there was more to the story. The nails corroded as they were gave some indication it was not a normal leak if in fact a leak at all.

The voids in the icynene from the roof deck and the discoloration ; was this a clue? We saw the same discoloration from the attic side as well. This insulation was installed thirteen years ago, warm attic, no warm sided vapor barrier.

Some voids from the attic side; these do not go through to the roof sheathing but the insulation is thinner at these points. The garage attic had blown cellulose insulation and the ply clips here exhibited no corrosion whatsoever. Neither did the truss gusset plates. Back side north was worse than front side south. This is due to the sun warming action during the day reversing vapor drive during the winter.