Report #007

  • Home Value: 388,000
  • Damage Amount: 28,000
  • Damage Percent: 7.2%
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 9: Moisture Leaks

Moisture stains at top of slider show leaks. Laundry room window trim is degrading due to moisture. I would expect this problem when reviewing the installation method from the exterior.

Drywall tape releasing possible moisture from the roof/ wall flashing on the exterior. Trim separation can indicate moisture too high.

Water stains on sill and separation indicate moisture problems. South window in sun room obvious moisture intrusion. This is because of improper detailing and missing flashing on exterior. this window will need to be removed and completely re-detailed and reset to ensure correction.

MC (moisture content) 100%.

100% and 59%.

21.9% and 16.8%.

18.2%. Sliding door has moisture stains at the top indicating some leaking of exterior moisture.

Garage overhead door trim; This has the Z metal flashing but the trim is set on the jamb instead of lapped over. This has the potential for moisture to run in at this joint because it is not sufficiently protected.