As a homeowner, it is extremely disheartening to discover that your largest investment is falling apart. Your mind floods with questions: Why is my home leaking? Does mold growth exist? Is my family safe? As The Building Consultant, Mark Parlee offers a diagnostic Building Envelope Assessment service, documented by captioned pictures and explanation narratives. With Mark, your needs are customizable—he offers a spectrum of consultation services, including an Annual Check-Up for your home, service as an expert witness, and builder/insurance negotiations.

“Our leakage had an obvious answer—it needed to be fixed by a professional. The more important question was still unanswered—whom do we call? Having little experience with this, we called Mark and chose his solution. The results? Nothing less than superb—Mark and his team paid great attention to detail. Mark was continuously available, and even took time at 9:30 PM one evening to come over and address a concern we had.”
-Kevin & Rhonda Ward

Do I need The Building Consultant?

The maintenance of your home and the care of your own physical health are often quite similar—both require scrupulous observation, occasional surgeries or renovations, and professional consultation. The faster any patient begins treatment for a disease, the easier it is to cure. The sooner The Building Consultant uncovers and diagnoses building failures, the easier it is to save your home, and thousands of dollars in repair. Don’t lose sleep fretting over your home’s maturing defects. Once moisture intrusion begins,  inevitable temperature fluctuations, rain, and snow will only aggravate the existing problem. Call before your house crumbles; with The Building Consultant, you can be sure your lifetime’s largest investment is protected.

“We would not consider doing another project without Mark’s advice. He takes the worry out of the project, and he guarantees his work. You will be satisfied when he is finished.”
-Dr. John and Kathy Barakat

Why not just call my builder?

Many homeowners re-contact their original builder to fix problems with their home. But if the builder created the home’s flaw in the first place, chances are it will not be properly fixed the second or even third time around. Many builders are simply not qualified to diagnose problems and implement proper repair procedures. “It is never a builder’s intention to impair the envelope of a home,” notes Mark, “so often, it’s just a lack of knowledge and experience.” When Mark finds the root of the problem, he will describe why the fault exists, and outline a lasting solution—not just a quick fix.

“Mark’s attention to detail was phenomenal, and I appreciated all the explanations that were given to me during the entire project.”
-Jody and Bob Dorweiler

Our Philosophy:

Taking care of your home is a continual process. Mark is famous for chiming his proverb, “Become a student of your home.” Knocking on wood doesn’t cut it when your home’s maintenance is concerned. Odd smells, pesky leaks, and warping wood are usually the tip of the iceberg—indicative of a much bigger building performance problem.

Our Services:

Building Envelope Assessments Contact Mark for Inquiries

After Mark scrutinizes a home or commercial building for problems, taking notes and pictures of defects, he will prepare a detailed assessment report. Not only will Mark identify the problem,  he will explain why the defect exists, give an example of how the construction can be mended, and outline the manufacturer’s original specifications. Mark’s attention to detail is evident in each of his assessment reports. He is objective, direct and thorough. Mark often works with homeowners directly on existing homes, or can work with a homeowner’s builder in the case of new construction. Mark consults on hundreds of residential homes, town houses, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings each year.

“Mark -You call issues as you see them and always took the time to explain problems and options with us in a way that we could understand.”
-John and Kris Urban

Annual Check-Up Service Contact Mark for Inquiries

In order to properly maintain your home, you need to become a student of your home. Construction care is a continual process, not just a one-time fix. The Building Consultant offers an annual check-up to look for animal damage, peeling siding, roof-flashing leakage, and any form of moisture intrusion. Mark will give you a checklist, investigate for damage, and give you a follow-up report to guarantee your home is safe.

“Mark handled my issues as if they were his own, and I am deeply appreciative of his efforts in spear-heading the work of several companies included in the project. Mark would be an asset to anyone in similar circumstances, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.”
– Laurie Frederick