Whether your company specializes in the construction or repair of residential homes, townhouses, apartment complexes, or commercial buildings, the envelope of your structure needs to protect against moisture intrusion. Mark Parlee’s in-depth knowledge of installation details, manufacturers’ specifications, and causes for building-envelope failure will maximize profit and keep customer callbacks to a minimum.

Can TBC help my business?

Builders who take shortcuts to save money end up paying for it in the long-run. Costly liability repairs eat away at profits and damaged reputations are seldom repaired. The Building Consultant can help your company do things right the first time by equipping your team with the knowledge of correct application details and material choices.


Mark is always willing to adapt his services according to your needs.  Contractors and builders often rely on his most frequently utilized service, a Building Envelope Assessment, to help their company build superior homes, help fix any repair or construction obstacles, and most importantly, prevent against moisture intrusion.

“When Mark Parlee served as a consultant for our company, he performed an assessment of the property and identified existing problems and potential future problems.  Based on this assessment, he presented his recommended corrective actions, and the necessary repairs were performed.  His attention to detail and expertise in the field provided our company with the necessary instruction for repair.”
–Brian Balmer, CEO, Erickson Balmer Construction, LLC

Building Envelope Assessment

Make sure future callbacks will not inhibit profit. After seeing the blueprints for new construction or the structure in need of repair, Mark will give recommendations on how to properly install materials in question, explain vital exterior detailing, and can arrive on-site to review accurate installation.  His assessments include specific captioned photos and detailed narrative explanation.

On-Site Training

On-site training is a valuable tool that will equip your crew with knowledge that will carry into every future job. Periodic reviews will solidify that craftsmanship on your exteriors.


Provide your building crew with the tools they need to repair damage that doesn’t come with instructions.  After attending Mark’s seminar, your crew will have the means and motivation for optimal construction. Mark has spoken as a moisture intrusion expert at the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Des Moines, the HBA’s Remodelers Council, the Iowa Roofing Contractors Association (IRCA), and the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) of Iowa. He was a featured speaker at the “Law of Construction Defects and Failures” seminar for continuing education to attorneys, architects, engineers, and contractors. By enlisting your crew for a seminar, you only have potential for improvement.