Expert Witness / Deposition/Mediation/Arbitration / Trial

$325 per hour for Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration. Trial Testimony $400/hr. (4-hour minimum. Time on call billed.) Due to Mark’s invaluable expertise, he has served as […]

Microbial Analysis

Mark will conduct a microbial analysis to identify any harmful microbial contamination generally resulting from mold and bacteria. This involves a sampling and laboratory analysis […]

Thermography Scan

Mark will conduct a thermographic inspection to measure surface temperatures with an infrared camera to record the temperature variations of the building’s skin. This process […]

Construction Oversight

Mark offers oversight during construction to ensure building codes are being met and no corners are being cut. He can be hired on an hourly […]

Walk + Talk Service

$525 plus travel time. (Includes up to 2 hours with the owner present. No report filed. Additional  time billed at hourly rate.) In order to […]

Building Envelope Assessments

Call to discuss scope of review and rates for such