Report #008

  • Home Value: 285,000
  • Damage Amount: 55,000
  • Damage Percent: 19.2%
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 5: Windows and Roof

This space is 1/8″ This window manufacturer requires a 3/8″ space to be filled with a backer rod and sealant.

Rotting siding. This is due to a combination of moisture exposure and not properly finishing the bottom edge of the siding.

The sealant at the top of this counter-flashing is a maintenance item that needs an annual inspection.

The plastic roof vents need to be inspected periodically; they do have a history of cracking. I suggest a metal vent by Lomanco.

This collector head needs cleaned at least twice a year.

Electric mast is in need of a better mounting system. An expansion anchor into the stucco is not a best practice detail.

Window sill is in need of refinishing. This paint release is more than likely due to moisture migrating into this sill at an unprotected area.

Cracks in the stucco need to be reviewed for repair.

This trim need a flashing protection.