Report #004

  • Home Value: 160,00
  • Damage Amount: 4,800
  • Damage Percent: 3%
  • Severity: 1
  • Damage Frequency: 4
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Section 2: Roof Issues

The photo above shows the clearance too close to the roof plane. The minimum specified by James Hardi in these areas is a 2” clearance.

This area also is in need of the 2” clearance. The shingles at this point were sealed to the siding as an attempt to prevent leaking; this has exacerbated the leak and the damage.

This is a view of the siding west of the ridge of the damaged area. This siding also suffers from not enough clearance however there does not appear to be damage at the bottom edge of the siding panel and is beyond the scope of this repair. These nail holes will be filled.

This siding will be removed and replaced , the arrows outline the siding that will be replaced . The shingles adjacent to the wall will be removed and replaced. A ice and Watershield membrane will be installed on the roof deck as well as turned up the wall aprox. 10”.

This view is of the kick-out and gutter corrected at an earlier time.