Report #003

  • Home Value: 225,000
  • Damage Amount: 27,000
  • Damage Percent: 12%
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 2: Moisture Inside the House

Owner stated the carpet was wet in the approximate area of the red tape.

These measurements map out the moisture in the wall assembly. MC (moisture content):

  • a = 100
  • b = 96
  • c = 100
  • d = 22
  • e = 30
  • f = 22
  • g = 26
  • h = 25

The probes easily puncture the OSB floor sheathing indicating degradation.


An inspection port was cut into the drywall. The fiberglass insulation is dripping wet. The back of this piece of drywall was visually clear of microbial activity. There is an odor of microbial activity. The inspection port is sealed to inhibit any contamination of microbial particulates into the inside environment.

This is a view of the floor assembly under the exterior wall where the moisture was discovered. The positioning of the I-joist blocks access to the space directly under the wall. This area will have to be accessed from the outside when the repairs and corrections are being performed.