Report #003

  • Home Value: 225,000
  • Damage Amount: 27,000
  • Damage Percent: 12%
  • Severity:
  • Damage Frequency:
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Section 3: Flashing Issues

The concrete is actually poured over the face of the masonry veneer. Seasonal movement to the drive concrete is destroying the masonry veneer. The 2″ clearance was ignored.

The flashing detail is missing from the stone sill. This metal is to be 24 Ga galvanized metal. There is to a 1/4″ clearance from this metal to the bottom of the fiber cement siding.

A metal drip flashing is required above all protruding wood trim. The head jamb material extending under the head trim is a poor construction detail. Instead, the trim should cover this joint to give protection from moisture acting in capillarity.