My name is Mark Parlee.

I have spent 40 years building residential homes, commercial buildings and apartment complexes and completing remodeling projects. As The Building Consultant, I offer a consulting service to identify the problems of building performance, moisture intrusion (leaks), and construction defects.

Why I am NOT a Home Inspector Call Before It's an Emergency

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Synthetic Stucco Without Failures

I started out 38 years ago as a framing and siding contractor in Iowa and for the last 20 years, have worked as an exteriors […]

Mixing Cladding and Stick-On Stone

A common exterior detail on homes throughout North America mixes a manufactured stone veneer, or what the industry calls adhered concrete masonry veneer (ACMV), on […]

A Rot-Resistant Chimney Chase

I do quite a bit of siding rehab work, much of it on relatively new houses. I think our weather is partly to blame —where […]


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Q: I have a leak in my home’s exterior. It’s been there for a while, but I didn’t know it until the water showed up inside. How could I have prevented this from becoming so bad?


I found Mr. Parlee to be knowledgeable in the subject matter and motivated to complete the assigned task.

-Eric Borseth
Borseth Law Offices